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La Vida Buena Vineyards, San Rafael Argentina, Presents Full Vineyard Ownership – 5-acres @ US$119,950  Winemaking Opportunities at Gold Medal Award Winning Bodega. Make One 225-liter French Oak Barrel for 288 bottles (750ml) of Premium Malbec Wine Or Up To 20,000 liters


The romance of owning a vineyard hasn’t changed in thousands of years. The requirements of purchasing a vineyard, e.g. you must buy 100% of the vineyard and for all cash, haven’t changed either.  That is, until now. US$460 starts your vineyard ownership journey where you own 10% of a well-established 5-acre Malbec vineyard in San Rafael Argentina. Each year you can sell your grapes to generate income, approximately 3,000 – 4,000 pounds, or make wine or do a little of both.  The US$460 monthly includes 100% turnkey maintenance fees ($45 monthly) and after 5-years your monthly obligation drops to just the maintenance fees.  Your investment will be US$25,000 after five years but if you want to pay all cash the vineyard ownership will be US$19,950. You can visit and walk among the rows of grapevines anytime you wish and your vineyard is protected by a gated entry and a 24/7 presence of a vineyard worker who lives onsite.  Fractional Ownership offers you the most affordable entry level to vineyard ownership available.  If after enjoying your vineyard ownership you wish to own 100% of a vineyard you can trade up into a larger La Vida Buena Vineyard. Vineyard ownership can’t be any easier than that, i.e. minimal investment with minimal payments. You can even use your IRA. Ask us how. Contact Tom at: or call USA (919) 321-8448



US $19,500 = 1/10 Interest in 5-acre Malbec Grape and Wine Producing Vineyard


An innovative, unique and affordable method (IRA & Individual 401k approved investment) for owning a 10% portion of an established vineyard. Each year you can sell your grapes (estimated at 1,500 – 2,000 kgs) to generate income (estimated at 6% ROE) or make personal wine or collectively make wine with others.  Contact: Tom at (919) 321-8448 USA


5-Acre Premium Eight-Year-Old Malbec Vineyard + 2.5-acre Home Site

*** SOLD ***

A unique, outstanding offer. High quality Malbec vineyard with ample residential home site. Build a vacation or second home home now or later. Plenty of room to add a fruit tree-orchard and or olive or nut tree grove. Make wine or sell your grapes for income. 

Contact: Tom at (919) 321-8448 USA



We Offer BULK WINE – 10,000 and 20,000 Liter Containers


We Offer MALBEC FROZEN MUST  – One Container Minimum


We BROKER Other Vineyards, Orchards and Land

Fractional 5-Acre Established Eight-Year-Old Malbec Vineyard (picture below)

The 5-acre Malbec Fractional Vineyard Located On Plat Map Below To The Right Of Premium Lots

(click to enlarge Plat Map)

Water For A Vineyard

A vineyard must have legal, reliable water sources. La Vida Buena has three legal reliable water sources: 1st a 210 ft. deep 10″ commercial water well constructed in 2012 that  produces 350,000 liters of crystal clear water per hour, a 2nd source of Government allocated 26 hours of canal water weekly and 3rd, La Vida Buena Vineyards is Dominant to a Subservient vineyard also with a 10″ water well.

What We Offer

La Vida Buena Vineyards owners are from around the world. All individual vineyards and shared ownership vineyards are 100% Turnkey and include experienced vineyard workers (employed since 2008), a 24/7 on-site vineyard Manager who lives in the Worker’s House we built for him, a Vineyard Supervisor, an Argentine CPA for bookkeeping, an Enologist and an Agronomist.

You can choose to manage your own vineyard or let La Vida Buena Vineyards handle 100% of the work for you. Each year at harvest time (March for Chardonnay and April for Malbec grapes) you can sell your grapes to local Bodegas where we have a long established relationship. You can make wine at a convenient Gold Medal winning Bodega just 15 minutes away or choose your own Bodega.

Individual Vineyard

If owning 100% of a vineyard is your choice and you do not foresee building a residence on the vineyard and you have the investment budget to capitalize or finance your dream, then an individual Vineyard is for you.

If building a vacation or second and or rental home is in your future, a 1.25+ acre La Vida Buena SELECT LOT with shared ownership in a 4.25-acre Malbec and 4.25-acre Chardonnay vineyard can be the perfect investment.

Or, if you want to build a home and a modest 2.5-acre individual vineyard a La Vida Buena PREMIUM LOT will work nicely.



Bodega Bombal y Aldao Built was built in 1919 and Winner of France’s 2014 Gold Medal for best Malbec. The same Bodega is where you can make your wine.  The Aldao family also owns the famous Estancia Las Alamos, a close neighbor of La Vida Buena Vineyards, and where members of the Aldao family have invited Yvonne and I for quaint lunches and supmsuous dinners  on numerous occasions.


Dos Presidentes (two Presidents) was a historical 2016 meeting between President Barack Obama and Presidente Mauricio Macri that occurred in Buenos Aires. Among hundreds of wine entries to be served at the State Dinner the wine selected was from Bodega Bombal y Aldao, the same Bodega where La Vida Buena makes its premium wines under the direction of the same Enologist.


One of the greatest joys of owning a vineyard is the people you meet and the wine you are fortunate to taste. 

At left Yvonne enjoys a glass of 24-month-old Malbec wine directly from a French oak barrrel with Enologist Mauro (left) and Camilo Aldao (right) owner of Bodega Bombal y Aldao built in 1919 and also the owner of  the famous Estancia Los Alamos built in 1830.

Whether you want to make just one 225-liter barrel of wine or 5,000 – 10,000 liters, Bodega Bombal y Aldao is there to help including expert advice in blending and bottling. My wife Yvonne and I have enjoyed many a sumptuous lunch or dinner at Los Alamos where Camilo and his family were the Hosts.


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