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Daily Direct Flights From Buenos Aires To San Rafael

For most visitors flying to Argentina where to enter the country will depend on their geographic location. For some, flying to Santiago Chile makes sense, for others it will be to arrive in Buenos Aries.

If your entry point is Buenos Aires many visitors to La Vida Buena Vineyards take a daily 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires to San Rafael. This is a turnaround flight and the same plane immediately departs from San Rafael back to Buenos Aires. There is only one flight daily.

There are NO flights available to or from from Santiago Chile to San Rafafel. There are NO flights available to or from Mendoza to San Rafafel.  However, the new Government is accepting many applications for additionalk routes to Argentina so this could change.

90-Minute Ferry From Buenos Aires To Monte Video Uruguay


When you are visiting Argentina and arrive in Buenos Aires try and plan a day or two excursion to Monte Video Uruguay. A 90-minute Ferry ride will get you there

Argentine typically issues 90-Day renewal Visas. My wife and I have traveled from San Rafael to BA and then over to Monte Video. Upon our return, even if in Uruguay for only the day, our Argentine Visas were renewed for another 90 days. Traveling to Santiago Chile can accomplish the same renewal for another 90 days.

Santiago Chile To Argentina


Many vistors to Argentina, especially if visiting Mendoza Province’s incredible wine country, opt to take a Bus over the spectacular Andes Mountains into Mendoza City. My wife and I have done this twice and candidly once was enough. It is a minimum six hour trek and when you stop at the mountainous Chile/Argentina border you must exit the Bus and go through Customs, an ordeal that can be grueling and eat up several hours of cooling your heels in the extreme cold. A Hanger type Custom’s building offers no heated areas for you to wait while Custom Inspectors search inside, around and under the Bus for contraband. Automobiles seem to get processed faster but I would not recommend driving this tortuous road during winter time.

San Rafael Rated #4 “Great Places To Retire” by CNN Money & Fortune Magazine

Visitors often compare San Rafael to a small European town, over a 100,000 population, where farms, orchards and vineyards surround the city. It is estimated over 400 Ex-pats live in San Rafael and my wife and I have met many of them. Some are just retirees enjoying the quiet life while others own farms, orchards or vineyards.

Two main rivers flowing from the Andes provide the much needed water for agriculture in San Rafael. The Atuel and Diamante rivers also provide many recreational activities like fly-fishing, river rafting and kayacking.

The Ubiquitous Argentine Taxi

In Argentina a reliable mode of transportation is the familar black and yellow honey bee taxi. A trip across town cost a few dollars. While locals use horses, bikes, old cars and buses, Many visitors for a month or more often consider buying a car, it can be very expensive whether a 15-year-old junker or new. Shipping a car to Argentina can be a nightmare unless you are married to an Argentine. Buying a new auto is possible but tariffs on imported cars can double the price, e.g. a modest new Nissan Sentra that costs US$18,000 in the USA can fetch US$30,000 in Argentina.

Tennis – Golf – Skiing And More

San Rafael’s City center has many places to stay while visiting ranging from the more convetional Towers Hotel to Boutique Hotels or B&Bs.

Conveniently located about 15 minutes from La Vida Buena Vineyards and 30 minutes from the center of San Rafael you will find one of San Rafael’s nicest Resorts that offers Golf, professional clay Tennis Courts, lodging and great dining at its charming restaurant.

La Vida Buena’s closest neighbor, the famous Los Alamos Estancia built in 1830 and about one mile away, also offers lodging and a restaurant at its famous Labyrinth built for one of Argentina’s most noted authors, Jorge Luis Borges. La Vida Buena’s land once belonged to Los Alamos that once owned land stretching to the Chilean border.

Skiing In August? Yes If It’s Las Lenas

The World Class Ski Resort Las Lenas is about a 2 hour Bus or car ride from San Rafael. This popular Andes ski destination is frequented by thousands of visitors each year, many of whom stay in San Rafael which makes San Rafael’s rentals at a premium. Olympic hopefuls looking to keep in form in their country’s summer flock to Las Lenas where June, July and August represent winter in Argentina. December, January and February represent the exact opposite where it is summer in Argentina and winter in the USA.

What la Vida Buena Vineyards Does Each Year With Its Chardonnay Grapes

Every year for the last five years Mumms Bodega has purchased grapes from the same 4.25-acre Chardonnay vineyard pictured above to make its famous Champagne.


Descended from a family of barons and knights from the 12th century. Vineyard owners since 1761, the Mumm family founded the champagne house of the same name in 1827.

Ranked No. 1 International Champagne Brand in France

Ranked No. 3 International Champagne Brand in the World

Sí, habla españo

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