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SELECT LOTS US$89,950 each - 1.25-Acre Lots with Shared Ownership In A Malbec and Charrdonay Vineyard + Orchard


1¼-acre Home Site Lot + Shared Ownership In Two Vineyards + One Orchard

A beautiful Home Site Vineyard coupled with vineyard and orchard ownership at an affordable price is both a unique and unbeatable combination. It allows you to lock in an affordable price with the option to build a residence or vacation/rental home now or in the future. As a shared Owner of two mature vineyards, a 4.25-acre Malbec and a 4.25-acre Chardonnay you can make wine from your 2017 March/April harvest. 2½-acre Fruit Tree Orchard included.

4.25-acre Malbec Vineyard

(shared ownership by Select Lot Owners)

4.25-acre Chardonnay Vineyard

(shared ownership by Select Lot Owners)

La Vida Buena Vineyard Development’s 40-acres Where The Twenty SELECT Lots Are Located

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