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Residence or Casita

A Vineyard Residence

I am often asked what will it cost to build a residence on my vineyard or lot?” A good answer depends on the size and quality of the home. In 2008 I built a modest Worker’s home with walls of brick, stucco and plaster with wood windows, doors and ceiling for about US$45 per sq. ft.. Today it would cost about US$75 per sq. ft. The home in the picture to the right would cost around US$100 – US$125 per sq. ft. A Macmansion could cost US$300 – US$ 500 per sq. ft.. I would not recommend thius extravagance,

A One, Two Or Three Bedroom Casita

The Casita is a popular approach to owning a Vacation or 2nd Home for Argentines and Foireigners. When the Casita is not being used by family some owners will rent it for a respectable prices, e.g. US$125 – US$250 per day.

A Duplex is a popular concept where one side is reserved for family and friends while the other side is used as a rental unit to generate income or for family reunions and when special occasions are celebrated.,



A 2nd Home On A Vineyard Or On A Vineyard Development

There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in your home that is located on or between vineyards. This opportunity in France, Spain or Italy would cost you many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is why La Vida Buena Vineyards created the concept of SELECT 1.25-acre Lots (see Plat Map) with shared ownership in a 4.25-acre Chardonnay vineyard and a 4.25-acre Malbec vineyard. Each year at Harvest Time you will receive enough grapes to make a 225-liter Franch oak barrel of wine (288 750ml bottles) or you can sell your grapes to generate income that can subsidize the annual vineyard maintenance fees and harvest costs. In a good year you might even have a few dollars left over.

Two unique PREMIUM  2.5-acre Lots are also offered by La Vida Buena Vineyards where you can have you very own vineyard planted with the grape of your choice, plus a modest fruit orchard or olive grove .

To learn more details about SEL:ECT asnd PREMIUM Lots visit the Home Page and click the appropriate link(s).

Vacation Residence

How big and expensive should a residence be? A great question and one that must be answered by knowing more about your taste, budget and expectations. You don’t want to build until you know Argentina, its people, politics and economy. I suggest you begin by investing in a small vineyard or a Select Lot that comes with shared vineyard ownership. Hint, visit Argentina and stay long enough so that you no longer see the country through the eyes of a Tourist.

Vacation or 2nd Home

There is more enjoyable than relaxing in your home that is in or surrounded by vineyards. This is why La Vida Buena Vineyards created the concept of Select 1.25-acre Lots with shared ownership in Chardonnay and Malbec vineyards and Premium 2.5-acre Lots where you can have you very own vineyard created with the grape of your choice. To learn more about these options visit the Home Page for the Select and Premium Lot tabs,

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