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Worker's House

Interior Worker's House

Main Water Canal

Harvest Time In April

225-liter French Oak Barrel 

We invite you to taste  our premium Malbec wine directly from the barrel 

You can make your very own 225-liter barrel of Malbec or Chardonnay wine (288 750ml bottles) or partner  for large quantities, e.g. 10,000 liters

And we have access to a Wine Importer and Wine Wholesaler


Aziz, Owner of the Chateau Hana Bodega, uses the micro-vinificacion process. He places grapes directly into a new 225-liter barrel. After fermentation, about two months later, the wine is removed 


Next the top three barrel hoops are removed to get to the must at the bottom of the barrel 


The must is removed and placed into a wine press to have its juice /wine extracted and combined with the wine already removed







La Vida Buena Vineyards is a 108-acre Development established in 2008  and 11 kilometers South of the quaint center of San Rafael. The famous Estancia Los Alamos is our neighbor (1/2 mile) that offers lodging and a restaurant. 

Both individual Boutique Vineyards (2.5-acres - 5.0-acres) and 1.25-acre Home Sites (see Plat Map below) with shared ownership of two 4.25-acre Vineyards, one Malbec and one Chardonnay and a 2.5-acre Fruit Tree Orchard are available.

A newly constructed 10" Commercial Water Well supplies the necessary water. A Worker's House and Barn was constructed in 2008 along with a Tractor and all necessary implements.

Indivdual Vineyards owners come from around the world, USA, South America and Europe. All vineyards and shared ownership vineyards are 100% Turnkey and include vineyard workers, a 24/7 on-site vineyard Manager who lives in the Worker's House, a Supervisor, an Argentine CPA for bookkeeping, an Enologist and an Agronomist.

Each harvest, March and April, you can sell your grapes or make wine or both.



10,000 or 20,000 Liters of the La Vida Buena Vineyards 2017 Malbec Wine

Also available 2015 and 2016 Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Chardonnay 



Sell Up To Twenty-Thousand kgs. of Malbec Grapes and a Barrel Of personal Wine or …

Produce 12,000 Liters of Excellent Malbec Wine or Bottle Up To Fifteen Thousand 750ml units 

 You have these options when you own this established 5-acre eight-year-old Malbec Vineyard

Investment Price:  US$75,000  -  Financing Available  -  IRA Approved Investment

(picture above is the 5-acre Malbec Vineyard offered)

La Vida Buena offers Vineyard Ownership with the option each harvest to make wine at a Gold Medal Award Winning Bodega or to sell your grapes to local Bodegas.

La Vida Buena offer 100% Turnkey boutique vineyard ownership with an experienced Staff that has been with us since 2008 and includes: Vineyard Workers, Vineyard Supervisor, Vineyard Manager, Agronomist (Soil’s Engineer), Enologist (Winemaker), and Argentine CPA for bookkeeping.

If you want to maintain your own vineyard we offer this option. All vineyard ownership comes with the exclusive right to our 350,000 liters per hour water well.

If you are considering building a vacation residence and for possible rental use, we offer Home Sites that include shared vineyard and fruit orchard ownership.

I am often asked what is the best time to visit Argentina and vineyards and my answer is during Harvest Time, mid February through April. Remember Argentina’s Winter is June, July and August and its Summer is December, January and February.

Fractional Ownership:  
4.25-Acre Malbec Vineyard Or 4.25-Acre Chardonnay

US$13,500 Investment = Income and Wine Returns

(Also Individual Vineyards and Home Site Lots With Shared Vineyard Ownership)

San Rafel, Mendoza Province, Argentina   

Dos Presidentes - The Historical Meeting Between President Obama And Presidente Macri Held In Buenos Aires In 2016 Where The Wine Selected For the State Dinner Came From Bodega Bombal y Aldao The Same Bodega Where La Vida Buena Makes Its Wines

Bodega Bombal y Aldao Built In 1919 And 2014 Winner Of France's Gold Medal For Best Malbec - The Same Malbec Served To President Obama and Presidente Macri In 2016

Owning A Vineyard Is About ROMANCE and INTRIGUE - Each Year You Anticipate the Harvesting Of Your Grapes Where You Magically Transform Your Grapes Into An Excellent Wine Whether It Be One 225-liter French Oak Barrel At a Time or 10,000 Liters In A Tank


Award Winning Enologist Mauro (left) Treats Yvonne Phelan With A Glass Of Two Year Old Malbec Straight Fom The Barrel - Camilo Aldao Owner Of Bodega Bombal y Aldao (right) Also Owns the famous Estancia Los Alamos, La Vida Buena's Neighbor




1¼-acre Home Site Lot + Shared Ownership In Two Vineyards + One Orchard

A beautiful Home Site Vineyard coupled with vineyard and orchard ownership at an affordable price is both a unique and unbeatable combination. It allows you to lock in an affordable price with the option to build a residence or vacation/rental home now or in the future. As a shared Owner of two mature vineyards, a 4.25-acre Malbec and a 4.25-acre Chardonnay you can make wine from your 2017 March/April harvest. 2½-acre Fruit Tree Orchard included.

4.25-acre Malbec Vineyard (shared ownership by Select Lot Owners) 


                          4.25-acre Chardonnay Vineyard (shared ownership by Select Lot Owners)  

 SELECT LOTS - 1.25-Acres EACH (below)

                For More Information (Plat Map and Pricing) see above banner "Select Lots" Button/Tab

                              La Vida Buena Vineyard's 40-acres for the1.25-acre Select Lots (below)

PREMIUM LOTS 2.5-Acres EACH (see below)

Just two Premium Lots are available and located on a once 5-acre Apricot Grove on the front 50-acres of the La Vida Buena Vineyard's 108-acre development. PREMIUM LOTS are surrounded by mature Chardonnay, Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, a 10" commercial water well and a worker's house. 

    For More Information (Plat Map and Pricing) see above "Premium Lots" Button/Tab



For Select Lots and Premium Lots or information about ..

Winemaking  -  Residence/Casitas  -  Tours/Travel In Argentina

Select a Button/Tab above or contact:   

Tom Phelan 

What la Vida Buena Vineyards Does Each Year With Its Chardonnay Grapes

Every year for the last five years Mumms Bodega has purchased grapes from the same 4.25-acre Chardonnay vineyard pictured above to make its famous Champagne.


Descended from a family of barons and knights from the 12th century. Vineyard owners since 1761, the Mumm family founded the champagne house of the same name in 1827.

Ranked No. 1 International Champagne Brand in France

Ranked No. 3 International Champagne Brand in the World

 Sí, habla españo 

FREE 100 Slide Presentation available for building a vineyard in Argentina 

Free Phone Consultation

USA Phone: (919) 321-8448 



To learn more: contact Tom Phelan at


Tom and Yvonne Phelan, owners of La Vida Buena Vineyards, have been featured in ...

La Vida Buena Vineyards is represented Internationally by:

YVONNE PHELAN Realtor® (919) 321-8448           _________________________________________________________

PDF EBOOK 137 Pages
(click for more information or how to purchase the PDF Book)

This 137 page EBook is a powerful hands-on Must Read for people who are researching the possibility of buying or building a Vineyard in Argentine.


Written by two Americans, Tom and Yvonne Phelan, who live in Argentina and the US and between 2008 – 2013 successfully created from raw land a 108-acre vineyard development whose grapes are purchased by prestigious San Rafael Bodegas like the famous champagne maker, Mumms.


The Phelan’s Argentine experience was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and a Business Insider article published on the Internet in June 2012 that to date has been read by 450,000 people.

Master Winemaker Mauro (l.), Yvonne Phelan and Camilo Aldao (r.) enjoy tasting Wine made from La Vida Buena Malbec grapes harvested in 2013. Camilo and his family own Bodega Bombal y Aldao built in 1919 and the famous Los Alamos Estancia built in 1830. Using the micro-vinificacion process we made three 225-liter French oak barrels of Malbec, one of Cabernet Sauvignon and one of Syrah. To learn more aout the micro-vinificacion process contact me at 


Winemaker Mauro (l), Yvonne Phelan, and Camilo Aldao (r) Owner of Bodega Bombal y Aldao built in 1919 taste wine directly from the barrel. The wine ages in French Oak Barrels from 12 - 24 months before bottling. Mauro was the first Argentine Winemaker to receive a 100 point rating for an Argentine wine.

Vineyard Broker Services

Vineyards are like snowflakes, no two are alike. I also broker larger 25 – 100+ acre Vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, Maipu, valle de Uco, La Consulta and other key Mendoza Province areas. Some Vineyards have Bodegas with established wine sales and distribution. Contact Tom @                     

Plat Map

   Plat Map

                                                          (click Plat Map to Enlarge it)


Above workers at La Vida Buena Vineyards harvest grapes. Below is the cave of Bodega Bombal y Aldao in San Rafael built in 1919 where we make our wine. Our wine shares storage with such luminaries as Queen Maxima of Holland and Prince Albert of Monaco plus many famous Argentine Polo and Soccer players . 


 Nearby Golf and Tennis Accomodations


Want to know more? Contact Tom at

  Si, hablamos espanol  -  Contact Yvonne at:

Entry Gates

Arriving At Vineyard

Long Shot Of Vineyards

10" Commercial Water Well

350,000 liters per hour

Vineyard Sky

All Grapes Begin Green

   2016 Chardonnay Harvest 32,000 kilos 

   Each Year Bodega Mumms buys  our  grapes to make Champagne and we make Chardonnay wine

   Workers harvest Chardonnay grapes           


A 5-acre vineyard requires many workers

that work long hours


Each box of grapes can weigh 50 pounds 


   Mumms provides large stackable bins  used to prevent grapes on the bottom from being crushed, split open and allowing the juice to escape


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