Welcome To La Vida Buena Vineyards' 108-acre Development offering 2.5 -                                 5-acre boutique vineyards in San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina

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How we make Malbec,

Syrah and Cabernet wines 






 The owners of La Vida Buena Vineyards, Tom and Yvonne Phelan, have been featured in ...

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"Vineyard Dreams"

Here is your opportunity to live your "Vineyard Dream" in San Rafael, Mendoza Province, Argentina. CNN Money & Fortune Magazine selected San Rafael in the top four cities in the world to retire.

Imagine owning your very own one-hectare (2.471-acres) 100% turnkey vineyard that includes rights to a new water well, on-site worker with tractor and implements, vineyard manager, winemaker(s) and Argentine CPA. You choose your grapevines; Malbec, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon or Bonarda. Your investment is affordable at US$69,950 and you have the option to double your vineyard size to 5-acres for US$129,950.

Title is Fee Simple and evidenced by Deed, we do not use Bank Trusts or partnership with an Argentine.

Our vineyards qualify for Self-Directed IRA and Individual 401(k) investments.

What can I do with my grapes?

Excellent question and although a newly planted vineyard takes a few years to produce mature, salable grapes, or grapes worthy of being made into wine, the vineyard yields are quite impressive. For example at five years of age a Malbec one-hectare vineyard can produce 12,000 kgs. or 26,400 pounds of grapes. Double that amount if you own a 5-acre vineyard. 

Equally as impressive is 12,000 kgs. of Malbec grapes can produce 7,200 liters of wine, that’s thirty-two 225 liter French oak barrels of wine that will fill 9,500 (750ml) bottles of private label wine created at a San Rafael Bodega established in 1919 that has one French Gold and Silver Medals.

If you do not want to invest in a one-hectare vineyard ask about our Vineyard LLCs that offer a 1/5 or 20% ownership of a one-hectare vineyard for only US$17,950 and can make over six 225-liter barrels of fine wine.

If you would like to visit our vineyards in March/April, during grape harvest time, we have 7-day tours that include visiting what we consider represent the finest Bodegas (Wineries) in Mendoza Province located in Maipu, Lujan de Cuyo, valle de Cuyo, La Consulta and of course San Rafael home of Bianchi vineyards and Winery who recently received  a French Gold Medal and Title of “Best Malbec in the world”.

If I have piqued your curiosity, and I hope I have, contact me: Tom Phelan at tomphelany@yahoo.com

PDF EBOOK 137 Pages
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This 137 page EBook is a powerful hands-on Must Read for people who are researching the possibility of buying or building a Vineyard in Argentine.


Written by two Americans, Tom and Yvonne Phelan, who live in Argentina and the US and between 2008 – 2013 successfully created from raw land a 108-acre vineyard development whose grapes are purchased by prestigious San Rafael Bodegas like the famous champagne maker, Mumms.


The Phelan’s Argentine experience was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and a Business Insider article published on the Internet in June 2012 that to date has been read by 450,000 people.

Master Winemaker Mauro (l.), Yvonne Phelan and Camilo Aldao (r.) enjoy tasting Wine made from La Vida Buena Malbec grapes harvested in 2013. Camilo and his family own Bodega Bombal y Aldao built in 1919 and the famous Los Alamos Estancia built in 1830. Using the micro-vinificacion process we made three 225-liter French oak barrels of Malbec, one of Cabernet Sauvignon and one of Syrah. To learn more aout the micro-vinificacion process contact me at tomphelany@yahoo.com 


Vineyard Broker Services

Vineyards are like snowflakes, no two are alike. I also broker larger 25 – 100+ acre Vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, Maipu, valle de Uco, La Consulta and other key Mendoza Province areas. Some Vineyards have Bodegas with established wine sales and distribution. Contact Tom @ tomphelany@yahoo.com                     

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Above workers at La Vida Buena Vineyards harvest grapes. Below is the cave of Bodega Bombal y Aldao in San Rafael built in 1919 where we make our wine. Our wine shares storage with such luminaries as Queen Maxima of Holland and Prince Albert of Monaco plus many famous Argentine Polo and Soccer players . 


 Nearby Golf and Tennis Accomodations


Want to know more? Contact Tom at  Tomphelany@yahoo.com

  Si, hablamos espanol  -  Contact Yvonne at: yvphelan@yahoo.com

          2014 Chardonnay Harvest

      Mumms purchased our grapes          





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